Step 1

Items for assembly include hub-less pipe coupling,
two lengths of pipe or fittings to be joined and a
torque wrench.

Step 2

Insert the gasket on one end of the pipe/fitting
making sure that the pipe/fitting is against the internally
molded shoulder provider at the center of the gasket. With
the hub-less pipe coupling loosely fitted on the other
pipe/fitting, insert it into the gasket such that it is against
the other end of the internally molded shoulder.

Step 2 (alternative)

After inserting the gasket on the first pipe/
fitting, fold the gasket back until you see the internally
molded shoulder against the pipe end. Insert the second
pipe/fitting until it firmly contacts the internally molded

Flip the gasket back onto the pipe/fitting.

Step 3

Slide the loose pipe coupling centering it over the gasket.
After taking the slack out of the clamps the following tightening
sequence should be followed.